Don't Fence Me In 

Collaborative installation with Lauren Greenwald
Fencing, gaff tape, wire, projection

"Fences," began as a 2-person show in 2017 with works by Naomi J. Falk and Lauren Greenwald about physical and psychological borders and fences. We ask ourselves, do fences make good neighbors? Is the grass really greener on the other side?

The exhibition included photographs, video, and interactive sculptures and installations, exploring built and found landscapes.

As new colleagues at the University of South Carolina, we found our past work explores similar concepts, both investigating themes of space and place. How do we define home? How do we value personal space, and what do we do to protect it? How do we navigate through our environment, and how does this experience inform our perceptions?

These works contemplate the struggles and connections we have with each other and the need to find a place to call our own. In the current climate, politically and environmentally, how do we find balance between staked territory and collective community? What measures do we take to feel safe? How do we negotiate this world of physical and psychological borders?