Naomi J. Falk grew up in the wilds of Michigan and, from an early age, planned to be an archaeologist, a brain surgeon, a heart surgeon, a meteorologist, and travel the world with Jacques Cousteau (an underwater explorer and conservationist who made films for TV about his adventures). None of those worked out, but she did learn to scuba dive, studied sculpture and ceramics at Michigan State and Portland State Universities, and received an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Falk’s work considers our relationships with manufactured and natural landscapes, exploring the current climate, socially, environmentally, and politically. She has exhibited at well-respected regional and national venues like the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis, MD, VAE Raleigh, ATHICA in Athens, GA, and Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area in Rankin, PA. Falk has also done residencies in Germany, Iceland, New York, Vermont, the Faroe Islands, and most recently, at Hambidge Center. Falk is currently an Associate Professor of Studio Art in 3D Studies at the University of South Carolina, Co-Creator of the project share platform for art educators, and Co-Founder of